Selected Works 

    Jason Medea Medley
    The Wolves
    Titus Andronicus
    Three Sisters
    A Fight Against...
    An Unfinished Man
    Paradise Now!
    The Cherry Orchard      
    Hard cock 
    The Odyssey

Rosie Elnile -

Jason Medea Medley by Jaz Woodcock-Stewart and Ensemble

Direction - Jaz Woodcock-Stewart Composition/ Sound design - Anna Clock Set assistant - Corentine Muller Costume assistant - Chiara Schmitt

photos © Sebastian Hoppe

The Wolves by Sarah Delappe

Direction - Ellen MacDouglle Lighting - Josh Pharo Sound - Ben and Max Ringham Movement direction - Ayse Tashkiran Costume supervision - Justin Allin/ Natalie Pryce

photos © Manuel Harlan

Titus Andronicus by William Shakespeare

Direction - Jude Christian Co-designer - Grace Venning Candle consultant - Ali Hunter Composer - Jasmine Kent-Rodgeman Costumes designed in collaboration with - ZN Ali Costume supervision - Sian Harris

photos © Camilla Greenwell  

Three Sisters by RashDash after Chekhov

Lighting - Ziggy Jacobs Dramaturgy - Jude Christian Music by - Becky Wilky, Abbi Greenland, Helen Golan, Yoon-Ji Kim and Chloe Rianna Costume supervision - Felica Jagne

photos © The Other Richard

Violet  -Libretto - Alice Birch Composer - Tom Coult

Conductor - Andrew Gourlay Direction - Jude Christian Costume - Cecile Tremolieres  Lighting - Jackie Shemesh Video designed in collaboration with - Adam Sinclair

photos © Marc Bremmner

Multiple Casualty Incident by Sami Ibrahim

Direction - Jaz Woodcock-Stewart Lighting - Zeynep Kepekli Sound - Josh Antonio Grigg
Costume - Tomas Palmer 


A Fight Against ... (Una Lucha Contra) by Pablo Manzi

Direction - Sam Prichard Lighting - Elliot Grigg Sound - Ben Grant Movement direction - Fernanda Munoz-Newsom Costume supervision - Katy Price

photos © Tristram Kenton/ Rosie Elnile

An Unfinished Man by Dipo Baruwa-Etti

Direction - Tiao Lawson Lighting - Ciaran Cunningham Sound - George Dennis Movement direction - Robia Milliner Fight director - Yarit Dor Costume supervision - Rianna Azoro

photos © Camillia Greenwell/ Rosie Elnile

Paradise Now! by Margaret Perry    

Direction - Jaz Woodcock-Stewart Lighting- Alex Fernandes Sound - Jasmin Kent-Rodgeman Movement direction - Sung-im Her Associate designer and co-costume designer - Hazle Low Additional costume support - Ruth Best

photos © Helen Murry

The Cherry Orchard by Vinay Patel 

Direction - James Macdonnald  Lighting -Jai Morjaria Sound Design- Max Pappenhime Video Design -Lewis Den Hertog Associate Design - Tomas Palmer Costume Supervision - Male Arcucci

photos © Camillia Greenwell 


Directed/ Designed by Rosie Elnile. Here is a link to an article where I share some ideas about this work.

Big Guns by Nina Segal

Direction - Dan Hutton Lighting - Kathrin Williamson - Sound - Kiren Lucas

photos © Rosie Elnile/ Jack Sain

Hard Cock by Robert Hesp 

Chorography, concept and performance - Robert Hesp  Lighting - Joshua Gadsby -
Dramuturgy - Richard Dodwell